Introducing our chili sauce! 


Step 1: Steam the cut & cleaned crabs for 15 min after water is boiled 


Step 2: Reheat the chili sauce in low heat while waiting for the crab to steam (optionally you can add more cili padi if you want more of the spicy kick)


Step 3: After 15 minutes of steaming, mix the the crab juice from the crab with the sauce and let it simmer to your liking.


Step 4: Turn to high heat and break an egg into the sauce for 20 seconds stir it and serve.


Step 5: Indulge!

Chili Sauce

  • Shipping starts from RM 15 - RM 40 for deliveries accross Klang Valley Area.

We Crabee are a big fan of seafood especially crabs. However, we noticed that many times, restaurants serve crabs that are no longer fresh and charge a premium price for it. You might be thinking now "but I see the crabs swimming in the fish tanks when I'm at the restaurants, how are they not fresh?"

Well, here's what you don’t know...



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