Miss eating out and want to achieve the restaurant flavour at home? Introducing our new buttermilk sauce! Now your home-cooked crab can taste just like it does in a restaurant within 15 minutes! 

Just follow our simple steps: 


Step 1: Steam the cut & cleaned crabs for 15 min after water is boiled 


Step 2: Reheat the buttermilk sauce while waiting for the crab to steam (optionally you can add more cili padi if you want more of the spicy kick)


Step 3: After 15 minutes of steaming, mix or dip the crab with the sauce, you can also pour away or add the liquid essence from the steam crab to dilute the sauce if you find the sauce too thick 


Step 4: Indulge!

Buttermilk Sauce

  • Shipping starts from RM 15 - RM 40 for deliveries accross Klang Valley Area.