How To Cut and Clean 

Toss the crab in the freezer or icy cold water for 20 minutes to knock them out (hibernate) for easier cutting and cleaning.

Step 1: Pierce through the bottom centre of the crab with a knife. Make sure you use enough strength for a clean kill.

Step 2: Apply pressure under the crab's head to split it open. Be careful as the shell is quite sharp.

Step 3: Remove the unedible grey gills knows as "Dead Man's Fingers" and mouth part. Peel it all out.

Step 4: Cut crab in half or into quarters for easy consumption.

Step 5: Rinse the crab with water and scrub it to remove any excess dirt before cooking. 

Step 6: Cook the crab either follow our recipes or your preferred method. Lastly enjoy the freshly prepared delicious crab dish together with your friends and family!

Watch the video below to understand better.