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How To Cut and Clean 

Tips : Instead of piece through the centre of the crab, you may leave the crab in the icy cold water or freezer for 20 - 60 minutes to knock them out (hibernate) for easier cutting and cleaning.

Step 1: Pierce through the centre of the crab with a knife or scissors. Make sure you use enough strength for a clean kill. 

Step 2: Remove the string off from the crab.

Step 3: Apply pressure under the crab’s head to split it open. Be careful as the shell is quite sharp.

Step 4: Remove the inedible mouth piece.

Step 5: Remove the inedible heart too.

Step 6: Remove the inedible gills known as “Dead man’s fingers”. Peel it all out.

Step 7: Rinse and scrub the crab back and forth with water thoroughly. Clean off any visible mud and dirt on the shell.

Step 8: Cook the crab either follow our recipes or your preferred method. Lastly enjoy the freshly prepared delicious crab dish together with your friends and family!


Cut n Clean

Cut n Clean

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