Do you farm the mud crabs?

Where is your shop?

Why are there price changes from time to time? 


Where do you deliver to?

Does Crabee charge delivery fee?

When do you guys have delivery?


How do I place my order?

Can I order and get it on the same day?

Can I cancel / reschedule my order?

Can I get the crab in the morning?

Is there any minimum order?

the crabs

Where is the mud crab from?

What does the mud crab eat?

How long to defrost the crab if I keep it in the freezer?

Why do you put a weight range for the different sizes?

Will I get bad crab or water crab?

How can I order female crabs?

How much is the female crab and the size?

If I buy today how long can I keep the crab for?

How to keep the crab overnight?

Is your crab halal?

What if the crabs died when they reached my house?

What payment methods do you accept?

Crab Fact

How do you humanely kill a mud crab?

Can you eat dead mud crabs?

How to differentiate male and female mud crab?

How long does a mud crab live for?

Why is there water crab?

Why are mud crabs so expensive?

How to check if the crab is water crab? 

We Crabee are a big fan of seafood especially crabs. However, we noticed that many times, restaurants serve crabs that are no longer fresh and charge a premium price for it. You might be thinking now "but I see the crabs swimming in the fish tanks when I'm at the restaurants, how are they not fresh?"

Well, here's what you don’t know...



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