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All our Mud Crabs are wild caught and imported from Sabah and Indonesia on a shipment basis. Each crab will be given their own individual space with a designated apartment at our quarantine facility (Crab Farm) to prevent them from fighting, also preserving them for a longer shelf life.

Do you farm the mud crabs?

We do not have a physical shop for collection, our crab farm is in Port Klang, distribution point is at Subang Jaya (Taipan Lrt Station) for customer’s self pick up convenience upon pre-order. Searching Crabee on Google will reveal the pick up point location.

Where is your shop?

Crabs are limited live produce. The price changes are due to supply and demand chain, usually on festivals or celebrations the demand will be higher, supply will be lesser hence there will be price hike during that period of time.

Why are there price changes from time to time? 


We deliver throughout the entire Klang Valley area, you can talk to us to learn more about it in detail.

Where do you deliver to?

Yes we charge delivery fee based on your delivery location. Orders above RM300 will be entitled for free delivery, excluding areas like Rawang, Kajang and some places. (A slight top up for delivery fee is required).

Does Crabee charge delivery fee?

We have delivery most of the days depending on stock availability. Do chat with us on messenger to enquire about it.

When do you guys have delivery?


You can place an order in our facebook messenger, we have stopped letting customers purchase straight from the website due to stock availability issues and we prefer to talk to all our customers to give them an exclusive experience.

How do I place my order?

If you place your order and pay before 1030am on the same day then yes we can deliver it to you on the same day depends on stock availability.

Can I order and get it on the same day?

You can only cancel or reschedule your crab order before your expected delivery date.

Can I cancel / reschedule my order?

The Crabs

All our crabs are wild caught and imported from Sabah and Indonesia.

Where are the mud crabs from?

Mud crabs usually eat shellfish, molluscs, shrimp, smaller crabs (they are cannibalistic in nature), and small fishes. They also eat plant based organisms like algae.

What does the mud crab eat?

Defrosting a crab usually takes around 1.5 hours. Running water will speed up the process of defrosting.

How long to defrost the crab if I keep it in the freezer?

We put a weight range for different sizes because all our crabs are wild caught, we cannot estimate how big or small they are in that particular batch.

Why do you put a weight range for the different sizes?

All our crabs have gone through a special picking process to provide you with our best mud crab, normally we would turn over the crab and press against the crab abdominal area next to the second walking leg, to eliminate any chances of water crab, but even with this process there will be chances there is still water crab which is unavoidable by us. If by any chance you get a bad or water crab, you may contact our customer service.

Will I get bad crab or water crab?

Female crabs are seasonal due to the limited quota for exporting them due to wildlife preservation and reproduction purposes.

How can I order female crabs?

How much is the female crab and the size?

Female crab is usually smaller in size, 1kg will roughly get around 3-5 pieces, price at RM85/kg

Mud crabs usually can be kept around 1-2 days upon receiving and treated with proper care. However, it is advisable to eat it as soon as possible.

If I buy today how long can I keep the crab for?

Upon receiving the crabs, it is advisable to place the crabs in a dark, cool and moist environment to keep the crabs alive (Kitchen Sink / Bathroom). Just keep in mind that they crabs need air too. Do not put them in a sealed container with the lid shut. You can leave the crab open in the ice box that we have provided, sprinkle some water onto the crab to keep them moist, you should be able to keep the crab alive for one night

How should I keep the crabs?

As for mud crabs, they are usually found in estuaries or mangrove and live in water though they can survive without water for a short amount of time. Hence, it is allowed to eat mud crabs following the ruling of animals that live in water. (Source taken from: Pejabat Mufti Wilayah Persekutuan website)


Is your crab halal?

Before the delivery itself, we will conduct a final round of checking to  guarantee that the crab is 100% alive before sending it out. However, there is a possibility that it might die during the delivery process mainly due to (Weather Condition, Driver Handling) which we are not responsible for. Rest assured that it is still fresh to consume as it was taken alive, if by any chances you find it tastes bad or not fresh, you may contact our customer service.

What if the crabs died when they reached my house?

Our delivery time is usually between 2pm - 6pm, if you special request it in the morning we will try our best to deliver it earlier to you but there is no promise. Do speak to us on Facebook messenger about this.

Can I get the crab in the morning?

Minimum order will be 1 set (2 pieces) of mud crab.

Is there any minimum order?

As of now, we only accept payment via online bank transfer. Bank Details will be provided upon order confirmation.

What payment methods do you accept?

Crab Fact

The most humane way to kill the crab is to put it to sleep in the freezer for about one hour before cooking. Never put live crabs directly into boiling water or the meat will toughen and the legs or claws may fall off. 

How do you humanely kill a mud crab?

Crustaceans, like crabs and lobsters, have bacteria beneath their shell which start growing rapidly when the crustaceans die. And so, crustaceans are mostly cooked alive. With that being said, it is okay to cook a crab which has been dead for only an hour or two but not more than 4 hours.

Can you eat dead mud crabs?

The abdominal flap of female mud crab is much broader and rounder compared to the sharp flap of the male mud crab. Another difference is the claws, male mud crab claws are much larger than female mud crab.

How to differentiate male and female mud crab?

Stage one crabs are only about 4 mm wide, but frequent moults mean that they grow very quickly. It is thought that wild mud crabs grow to around 10 cm in width in about a year and reach sexual maturity in about two years. The typical lifespan of a mud crab is thought to be three to four years.

How long does a mud crab live for?

Crabs moult their shells during normal growth cycles. Crabs that have recently moulted their shells have not had a chance to fill their body with flesh hence will be empty of meat, therefore people call it water crab.

Why is there water crab?

Demand on the crabs is extreme as they are transported by air freight and distributed alive. The market requirement is that the crabs arrive in a lively and vigorous condition, otherwise most restaurants and customers will not accept it.

Why are mud crabs so expensive?

You can apply pressure with your thumb by turning the crab over and pressing firmly on the abdomen plates next to the third leg. If your thumb manages to pierce through the crab shell, the crab is not full. At Crabee, all our crabs have gone through this process before we send our crabs to customers, but there are still chances that the crab shell is hard but the crab is not full.

How to check if the crab is water crab? 

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