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About Us

Calling all Mud Crab lovers! Are you sick of paying a fortune for crabs that are not as fresh as restaurants claim them to be?

We're a big fan of seafood especially crabs. However, we noticed that many times, restaurants serve crabs that are no longer fresh and charge a premium price for it. 


"But I see the crabs swimming in the fish tanks" 

Well, here's what you don’t know, often restaurants buy crabs in bulk and because the crabs are not being handled properly immediately after they receive the crabs, the quality of the crab starts to deteriorate as time passes and will still be served regardless, which is why we get mushy and unpalatable crab meat when we dine at the restaurants. Therefore, we at Crabee believe that everybody should get what they pay for.


We deliver our crabs directly to you from our farm located in Port Klang. By doing so it brings down prices by 40%. Furthermore the mud crabs are hand picked by us to guarantee its freshness when it reaches your doorsteps


Our Mud Crabs are suitable for all events from family gatherings to parties or even if you want to consume it alone to satisfy your cravings. The best part about getting your own crab is that you can cook and consume it however you like it, check out our recipes here

To sum up, everybody deserves Fresh, Affordable and Tasty crabs, with Crabee, we can guarantee that our crabs are "F-A-T".

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